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This region includes the following counties: Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsen, Gulf, Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla

Florida Highway Patrol Criminal Interdiction Unit Conducts Traffic Stop Leading to 91 Felony Charges and Four Misdemeanors
A search of the vehicle revealed multiple stolen credit cards, counterfeited credit cards, credit card skimmers, and a small amount of marijuana. The driver and passenger were both arrested on multiple charges.
Progress Underway Advancing I-4 Moving Florida Forward Projects to Construction
With growing commuter, tourist, and freight traffic along I-4 in this area the interstate is in great need of addressing capacity and operations upgrades to improve mobility through the area, increase safety, enhance the quality of life.
Data reveals the states with the most road accidents caused by changing lanes - Florida ranks in top five
"...On a national level, there were 4,392 drivers involved in fatal crashes over the five-year period who were changing lanes at the time.”- Richard Suzuki
Individual's Unsuccessful Attempt to Evade Arrest Results in Crash, Apprehension
The Trooper verified the speed to be approximately 100 mph and attempted to pull the vehicle over using emergency lights and sirens.
Hit the Brakes: Reverse Automatic Emergency Braking Isn’t Foolproof
“Our testing resulted in collisions with mock vehicles and pedestrians. So, drivers should remain alert and not become overly reliant on the technology,” said Mark Jenkins, AAA.